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Water Source Drawing

Construction of underground water tank, borewell or well is done to meet the necessity of water for every house. It is very important to follow the Vaastu principals to construct the underground water sources, as it gives the exact direction. If constructed according to Vaastu principle, it gives positive results, if not, it will lead to serious problems.

The directions as depicted in the map give different results from the underground water sources, constructed at different directions of the house. The results are given below :-

Directions Results
1. East Progress in reputation, glory and majesty.
2. West Image degradation but development in internal power of body and spiritual power.
3. North Happy life with inflow of money.
4. South Financial loss, problems for women.
5. East-Eashan Good Fortune, prosperity and happiness.
6. North-Eashan Economical development.
7. Agney Fatal to wife and children, illhealth, dispute. Especially second child’s life gets disordered.
8. Vayavya Tension, rivalry, court cases, poverty, theft, interruptions in work.
9. Neirut Life equal to death, negative results, bad debts, victim of bad habits.
10. Brahmasthal (Center point) Financial downfalls, mental disorder, financial collapse.