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Introduction to Vaastu

Ever since the inception of the human life, happiness and miseries are connected with everyone. Everyone wishes to have prosperity and get rid of the sorrows. On analysis, I came on a firm conclusion that the change of Vaastu will be automatic changes in the lifestyle as per changed Vaastu. Human life is affected by various forces and Vaastu is one of the prime forces. Vaastu is based on five elements, i.e., Water-Fire-Air-Earth-Sky, etc. The period of miseries and sufferings will automatically vanish, if these five elements are correctly positioned at right directions.

The main aim of Vaastu subject is to construct a house, which bestows happiness and prosperity. In Vaastu subject the Earthing power, magnetic power, gravitational force, the rays from space, sunrays, natural urja (Energy), etc., effecting on human life has been studied and various principles have been followed. Construction of a house in accordance of principles of Vaastu is important as per scientific view points. As stated, the entire universe is based on the five elements of Vaastu, which affects the total human life. The effect of these five elements on Earth is stronger than any other Grahas (planets) and these five elements create balance in nature. The balancing of five elements of Vaastu is compulsorily required with the size of the plot and the directions for construction of a house. There are certain negative forces, which exist in the environment surrounding us. The Vaastu subject based on five elements and as per the directions shows us correct way to overcome the effect of negative forces and the necessity for the balancing of the five elements.

In India, from time immemorial, Vaastu subject has been in recognition. Many of the old structures as per Vaastu are still in existence. The principle of Vaastu is totally scientific, because the positive forces are set scientifically. The people will live with peace, happiness and have prosperity if the house is constructed by following the principles of Vaastu. On the contrary, if the house is constructed against the principles of Vaastu, they will face lot of problems in their life.

Many people think that the Vaastu subject is utilised by the rich people. But this thinking is baseless. Vaastu subject is not for a particular religion or class of people but Vaastu subject is a nature’s gift to every human life. Like how sunrays has its effects on everyone irrespective of religion or class of people, the balancing of five elements of Vaastu subject effects everybody without differentiating them. It depends on the capacity of the individual as to how much knowledge he acquires and benefitted from the invaluable treasure of Vaastu.

Public is misguided about the Vaastu subject by the inexperienced and halfknowledged Vaastu Consultants. As such, the importance of Vaastu is reduced and negative thinking is developing. Do not waste valuable time and money by falling in the trap of these so-called consultants. The benefit gained out of the advise of experienced and perfect Vaastu consultants is incomparable to his fees.

How to make life happy and prosperous by balancing the powers of nature?

The proper study and practical utilisation of these forces is Vaastu science.

Now-a-days people are very busy. Due to bad atmosphere and problems surrounding his life has turned into darkness, full of tensions and troublesome. How much ever intelligent a man may be, in his desire to win over nature, he has to bow himself in front of the powers of nature. If he leaves behind his desire to win over nature and instead try to concentrate and understand the secrets of nature, then the Urja, (Energy) powers of nature itself will be a boon to human. In this subject, Vaastu plays a very powerful role. A person can lead a happy and prosperous life if he can get perfect command on Vaastu subject, which is based on five elements. This is the secret of Vaastu.

Many persons with theoretical knowledge of books have entered into this field and propagating the importance of Vaastu, due to which people are not able to decide, who is right or wrong ? Almost in all the books written on Vaastu subject one finds the same theory. From this it is very much clear that they are neither the writer’s own theory nor the writer has done any practical experiment on Vaastu. They simply translate the Shastra (scripture) or copy others theory, resulting in general public remains confused about Vaastu subject by reading these type of books.

When the surveys of different houses are done, we see that every house has a different structure and also different directions, while the books contain only one type of principle. You can imagine that when different houses has different structure and also different directions, then the different principles of Vaastu will be utilised to different houses. In this situation, the principles mentioned in the books will be applicable for which house? Or the principle of Vaastu mentioned in the books is based on which house? It is difficult to understand. Books can be useful for gaining knowledge, but there is lot of difference between theory and practical.

Vaastu Shastra was written many years ago as per the requirement and necessity of that time. As time changes, the requirement and necessity also changes, this makes it necessary to revise the subject. The main difference between Vaastu Shastra and Vaastu science is that Shastra controls us, while science introduces new knowledge. If we get continuously perfect results on experiments, the system becomes a science in itself.

In view of importance of Vaastu is gaining popularity, so many Astrologers entered in Vaastu field with only theoretical knowledge and even without any practical experience. These so-called consultants confuse the person in problems by using the method of Pooja - Yantra - Mantra, etc. But Vaastu subject does not require any other subject to get rid of problems and to get happiness and prosperity.

Since ancient time people in India have been spiritually inclined and as such, they give more importance to worship, but it is only religious belief. Keeping faith on the deity can be one of the methods for concentration. It is impossible to get rid of Graha (Planets) Dosh (Defect) by performing Pooja by the Pandit (priest). When we are sick and if the medicine is taken by someone else, then how can we be perfect? This baseless logic is not understandable. Reciting Mantras by individual are beneficial to him only, because recitation of different Mantras effect different nerves in the human body.

Reciting of Mantras by individual heats up the human body, which gives chance to open the secret power of human body. Some persons advise that the main door of the house should be as per the Rashi (Zodiac sign) and Nakshatra (Stars) of the house owner. These types of inexperienced Vaastu persons creates confusion among the general public about Vaastu subject, because they do not think about the bad effects of fixing the main door as per the Rashi and Nakshatra but against the Vaastu principle.

For example if the house owner is advised to fix the main door as per his Rashi and Nakshatra. But this principle is wrong because after the death of the house owner, will the main door match with the Rashi and Nakshatra of his son? His son has to remove the main door and fix the main door in another direction as per his Rashi and Nakshatra, because his Rashi and Nakshatra will be different. If the Main door is fixed as per the Rashi and Nakshatra, but against Vaastu principles, then it will definitely create many problems to the persons living in that house.

When people complain about his problem, these Consultants avoid them and safeguard themselves by giving easy answer, stating that your Grahadasha (Planetscondition) is reverse and your time is not favourable. One should think that if fate is everything then why should they utilise the Vaastu subject? They frighten the people about the bad effects of the reverse Grahadasha and force them to perform Pooja-Yantra-Mantra etc. By doing these method problems will not be solved but it only increases financial and mental problems.