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The house constructed according to the Vaastu principles is a symbol of welfare, prosperity and happiness. Doors of a house plays an important role for the inflow of Urja (Energy).

The public is generally confused about the number of doors to be placed in the house. The number of doors should be decided according to the requirement and it has no importance at all, even though, even numbers are usually suggested in the Vaastu books.

The doors placed strictly according to the Vaastu principles is auspicious while the door placed at wrong direction will create Vaastu dosh. For a better and positive result, another door should be erected just opposite the main door. If found inconvenient, at least, a window should be there. This is to let the Urja (Energy) from the main door flow easily into the house.

Open space left around the house as per the Vaastu principles allow the uninterrupted inflow of Urja into the house. More than two straight doors will reduce the quantum of positive energies flowing in.

Map No. one indicates the placement of doors at auspicious place, while Map No. two indicates the placement of doors at inauspicious place.

door1   door2

Directions Classifications Results
1. East Auspicious Good, superior thought
2. East-Eashan Auspicious Elegant, prosperous
3. East-Agney Inauspicious Difference of opinion, theft, harmful prosperity
4. West-Vayavya Auspicious Prosperity
5. West-Neirut Inauspicious Financial loss and inauspicious to the head of the family
6. North-Eashan Auspicious Financial gain
7. North-Vayavya Inauspicious Financial loss, tension, fickle mind
8. South-Agney Auspicious Good for health & wealth
9. South-Neirut Inauspicious Financial loss, problems for the housewife
10. South And West Auspicious Normal better results
11. North Auspicious Prosperity