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A man through his knowledge and wisdom always is in search of new inventions. In today’s scientific world, there are many investigations on Pyramid and it has become more popular. As per Vaastu subject, Pyramid is related with Sky-Element.

The Rays are accumulated on the tip of the Pyramid. All the sides and the Slopes are equal, and the Rays accumulated forms’ waves inside the Pyramid. This influences the live as well as dead. A Pyramid absorbs the rays and these rays by destroying the negative energy increases the positive energy surrounding it. One who lives in this atmosphere can experience and is benefitted.

The big Domes at religious places symbolise the utility of the Pyramids. The influence of positive rays from the Pyramids and the enunciation of Mantras force us to sit longer and gives peace of mind.

It is impossible to construct big pyramids at residence, so one can be benefitted by using small Pyramids.

Wooden Pyramids are not effective because Pyramids accumulates the energy. Through the tip of wooden Pyramids Rays could not penetrate inside the Pyramids whereas Metals are good absorbers of rays from sky. Pyramids made of paper and plastic are just specious things, because paper and plastic cannot propagate the rays.

If the Pyramid is hollow then only it is useful. The solid Pyramid is not effect able, as it cannot store the energy inside it. By sitting continuously under the Pyramid, one experiences the concentration of the mind, gets relaxed, and gets relief from an ailment. Things are not spoiled easily, and it is very much evidenced by seeing the preserved mummies in the Pyramids.

To have beneficiary utilisation of Pyramids it is important to have proper shape and decide the right direction. The right dimensions of the Pyramids accumulate the positive energy in it, and consequently the persons surrounding the Pyramid are benefitted. The pyramids with proper dimensions and right shape accelerate the circulation of positive energy thus reducing the effect of negative energy in it.

Electro Magnetic power of the Pyramids and the natural energies are invisible to man. The logic in chanting the Mantras can be a research subject for the scientific evidences but its effects can be experienced in reality.

In the name of getting rid of bad effect of wrong Vaastu, Now-a-days use of Pyramid is growing that just misleading the person in trouble. ‘Vaastu and Pyramids’, are two different subjects and both have its utility and importance differently. It has not mentioned anywhere in any books of Vaastu Shastra (scripture) that Pyramid is the alternative to get rid of Vaastu Dosh. To publicise that one can be prosperous and Happy by using Pyramid is the own persuasion of present ignorant, Vaastu Pandit (Priest) in the name of Vaastu Shastra, as it is impossible to get rid of Vaastu Dosh (Bed effect) by it.