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We have been giving important knowledge about Vaastu Subject in the earlier issues. This subject is so vast that even after knowing about Vaastu, we have many doubts about Vaastu Dosh and its results. Some of the doubts are clarified here.

Doubt :

Are the bad effects of Vaastu Dosh of the house effect tenant? Or the house owner, who is not living in that house?

Clarification : The good or bad effects of Vaastu will effect the persons, who are staying in that house. If the house is rented, or owned, or is in the name of somebody else - This point is meaningless for Vaastu subject. The Vaastu of the house will give auspicious or inauspicious results to those who are living in that house.

If the house owner leaves his own house and shift to an another house, then the Vaastu of his own house will not effect him. And who lives in that house, only he will be affected by the auspicious or inauspicious results of the Vaastu of that house. The Vaastu of the house in which you are staying, will clearly effect your nature - thought - relations - business. This is the secret of Vaastu.

Doubt :

Is it possible or not to get rid of Vaastu Dosh by performing religious methods - Puja - Havan - Mantra etc.? Please clarify.

Clarification : Performing religious methods - Puja - Havan - Mantra - etc., increases the positive Urja (Energy) in that atmosphere. Because of which there are increases in the positive Urja for sometime. However, this positive Urja will not be effective for long time, because the inauspicious and negative Urja, created by Vaastu Dosh will create obstructions in the flow of the positive Urja. The positive Urja created by methods other than Vaastu can be effective only for sometime, but cannot give relief from the bad effects of Vaastu Dosh permanently. Due to the auspicious Urja, the Vaastu Dosh can be ineffective for some time, but at last, Vaastu Dosh remains its bad effects. To correct the Vaastu is better way to get rid of Vaastu Dosh permanently.

Doubt :

What is the importance of high and low level of roof and floor of the house in Vaastu subject?

Clarification : In Vaastu subject as per the different directions, the high and low level of roof and floor is important. If the floor level of North-East of the house is in low level compared to floor of South-West, then there is continuous flow of positive Urja from North-East direction. Against this, if the floor level of North-East is high, compared to South-West, then it creates obstructions in the flow of positive Urja. If the floor level of South-West is high alongwith the low level of the floor of North-East, then these positive Urja gives more auspicious results. Against this, if the floor level of South-West is low compared to North-East, then the positive Urja will get diverted and negative Urja will enter into the house, which creates Vaastu Dosh.

If the roof of the house is of equal level, it is good. But, if the slanting portion is in East and North, then it gives better results. Against this, if the slanting portion is in South and West, then it gives adverse results.

Doubt :

The South-East room of the house is used as master bedroom but this is against Vaastu principles. What is the solution to be safe from this bad effect?

Clarification : The joining point of East and South is called Agney’s corner as per the directions of Vaastu. It is very clear that the word ‘Agney’ means fire. If the bedroom is in Agney’s room, it will create bad effects in the health and wealth of male member.

Due to which there is a high possibility of getting diseases related to fire-elements like High BP, diabetes, short temper etc., and unwanted arguments between husband and wife.

To get good results from Vaastu subject, it is better that the Agney’s room is used as kitchen. But if there is no other alternative, by leaving one-fourth Eastern portion of Agney’s room, make a partition and use the balance three-fourth portion as bedroom.

By wearing Pearl ring and good quality of natural crystal chain (both in silver), reduce the bad effects of fire-elements.

Doubt :

Is it possible to get rid of Vaastu Dosh by performing Graha-Shanti and Vaastu-Shanti (Religious methods)?

Clarification : Performing Graha-Shanti is a symbol of your religious belief. You are misunderstanding the main aim and real meaning of Vaastu-Shanti. The real meaning of Vaastu-Shanti is the correct balancing of the five elements of Vaastu subject. Making changes as per Vaastu principle is the only better way to get rid of Vaastu Dosh permanently.

Doubt :

I have heard that while digging the foundation of the house if we get bricks, metal (copper) then it brings well sign of happy and prosperity. But if we get bone, hair, iron, etc., it is very inauspicious, due to which there is loss of finance? To get rid of this, remove the mud of that plot, equal to the height of the plot owner and fill new mud in that place, and Vaastu-Shanti should be performed after purifying the place. Is it correct and necessary?

Clarification : Nowadays getting a plot itself is difficult, and to get a plot of our choice is almost impossible. Based on the availability of the plot and your ability, if the house is constructed on that plot as per the Vaastu principle, the persons who lives in that house will enjoy a happy and prosperous life. While digging a plot, which remains empty for a long time, something or the other will come out. It is better to save your self from being confused about unwanted talks, instead of concentrating on baseless talks and wasting money. It is always better that you should construct the house as per Vaastu principles. You will yourself realise the difference of good results of Vaastu.

Doubt :

Is Astrology and Vaastu subjects interlinked? Is it required to analyse the Janma-kundli (horoscope) to get rid of problems? Can we get solutions for problems by the method of Astrology?

Clarification : The forceful entry of Astrology in the Vaastu subject is not required. Astrology and Vaastu, both are different subjects and both are having different utilisation. Astrology is a good subject, which is based on its own mathematics, may give information about the incidents happens in human life. Analysis of the horoscope is not required to get benefit from Vaastu subject, because by the method of the horoscope, based on the effect of Grahas (Planets) to human life, only incident happens in human life may be known. Therefore, it may be said that Astrology can only predict but Vaastu is result-oriented.

The astrology advise us to perform Graha-shanti-puja-yantra to get rid from unfavorable Grahas, but whereas the use of such methods can change the movement of grahas in solar systems, which effects the human life? The answer will be ‘No’. When it is impossible to change the movement of the Grahas, then what is the importance of applying this method? As per Vaastu It is true that whenever a person shift or makes any changes in his house, then the life of that person changes as per the changed Vaastu.